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Our vision

Distinguishing vision through the combination of three disciplines
Grip has several pillars: financial, fiscal and legal. Offering different disciplines within one office, we can provide entrepreneurs with a wide range of services. Due to their close collaboration with each other, our staff are used to blurring boundaries. So everyone at Grip is an all-rounder. Whether their work involves financial statements, acquisitions, mediation, pensions or business continuation. Grip is your advisor. Read more

Two offices and very diverse entrepreneurs
Besides its office in Duiven, in mid-2009 Grip opened another office in Doetinchem. Both branches are focussed on a wide group of entrepreneurs. Read more

The way to Grip
The name Grip dates back to 2009. However, our history goes back much further: in 1958 the basis was laid for what is now Grip, in the Achterhoek region. Read more


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