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Our people

Who will you encounter at Grip?
Accountants, tax consultants and lawyers are all confidential advisors, with whom you share your ideas, visions and doubts. You will obviously want to know who you will encounter. Well, Grip has a wide range of specialists waiting to help you. In all areas, we strive to achieve great diversity. Take experience, for example: one member of staff has been ‘groomed’ in one of the Big 4 accountancies, while another has learned the trade with us. Whatever their background, these are people whose education and training have given them the edge. And whose years of experience have further honed their qualities. Incidentally, learning continues at Grip. Development is an on-going process. And not just due to the required PE (Permanent Education).

Grip is curious
On the contrary, our people are curious, just like you. Always seeking topical matters in a wide area: tax, legal, business economic. And the professionals at Grip are happy to share that knowledge with you. In a pleasant way: you immediately sense that we speak your language. At board level as well as that of a new, talented intern.

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