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The service provided by Grip complies with statutory requirements imposed on the quality of an accountancy firm and its employees. Grip has thorough quality control systems in place.

Code of conduct
Grip combines the key values of goal-oriented, results-driven, inventive and personal with professional quality. We are keen to maintain our culture and professional attitude. For this reason, we drew up a code of conduct addressing integrity, objectivity, expertise, secrecy, independence and confidentiality, for instance. A copy of this code of conduct is available from our quality manager via

Complaints procedure
Do you wish to complain about a member of staff or our service? If so, contact the quality manager at Grip Accountants en Adviseurs N.V. via We will handle your complaint with due attention and in confidence, based on the assumption that complaints express a genuine and well-founded concern and are in good faith.

Whistleblower scheme
In compliance with legislation and regulations, anyone from outside the accountants’ organisation and anyone working in or linked with this organisation must be able to report alleged irregularities without endangering their position. To this end, a whistleblower scheme has been drawn up. A copy is available from our quality manager via

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