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Pre-audit service

Complete package of services up to the financial statements audit
Are you lacking a proactive consultant and sparring partner? Is your auditor constantly being obstructed by the prescribed division between audit and advice? Or are you noticing that the preparation of the audit file demands ever more professional expertise and time? Are you looking to be unburdened and have this process dealt with efficiently? Grip’s accountants are here to help.

Properly prepared for your financial statements audit
Our accountants know what is needed for a proper preparation of the financial statements audit. After all, they have wide experience in carrying out these audits themselves. We will take care of the entire ‘closing the books’ process for you in an efficient and effective manner. We will deliver the financial statements and the other required documents on time and in a professional manner to your auditor. As the manager of this process, we will act as the pivot between you and your auditor. This means that the financial statements audit will proceed efficiently and costs are limited to the essentials. 

Proactive advice
As we are not bound to the independence rules, we can - unlike your auditor - act as your proactive consultant and sparring partner. For (complex) issues, including in the field of valuations, financing, investments, tax positions and AO/IC, you have come to the right place.

You will be unburdened and combine an optimum preparation of the financial statements audit with proactive advice from an engaged consultant.

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